MTD 'Soft Landing' won't require digital linking until 2020

Next month, the Making Tax Digital for VAT will be in full swing, but the ‘soft landing period’ of 1 year means that VAT registered organisations have been given extra time to get their software programs connected with ‘digital links’.

For now, the use of ‘cut and paste’ between digital records, accounting programs and HMRC is being permitted, until at least April 2020 when ‘digital linking’ between programs will be enforced.

A ‘digital link’ is defined by law as ‘an electronic or digital transfer, or exchange of data, between software programs, products or applications’, and ‘copy and paste’ isn’t included in this definition.

To learn more about digital linking, and what will be allowed for this soft landing period, Accountancy Daily has a great in-depth article on their website that goes into more detail.