Could you be claiming for job expenses?

Check this list to make sure you’re not missing out on claiming for common job expenses…

(The following is an extract taken from the HMRC website):

Flat rate expenses, or work-related expenses, are a kind of tax relief you get if you spend money on equipment for your job. They’re called flat rate expenses because you can either claim a standard flat rate or the actual cost. If you want to claim the actual amount you’ll need to keep receipts.

You can claim tax relief on expenses for:

  • small tools

  • protective clothing needed for your work

  • uniforms

You cannot claim tax relief for everyday clothing (even if you wear it for work).

Small tools

You can claim tax relief for the cost of replacing or repairing small tools, for example, hairdressers might need to buy their own scissors.

Protective clothing

You can claim tax relief for the cost of replacing, repairing and cleaning of specialist or protective clothing, for example, hard-hats, protective boots and overalls.


A uniform is a set of specialised clothing that’s recognisable as a uniform that identifies someone as having a particular occupation, for example, nurse or police uniforms.

It does not include employees who wear clothing of a similar design or colour, for example, a bank who wants to promote its corporate image by requiring all counter staff to wear a shirt or blouse in the corporate colours. Only nurses and midwives can claim for replacing shoes, socks and underwear.

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